Thursday, May 27, 2010

I made my first kit ever!!

Thank you Sherah for giving me the perfect excuse to finally make a kit.

I had been thinking about making or designing something, since i love working with kits, graphics, and pictures, i mean everything goes hand in hand when you design kits.

Anyways, Sherah wanted to celebrate her birthday( HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL!) by starting this contest, "Gift of Design Contest" over at DSS . When i first saw the post i just knew i had to try and give it my best! You had to creat a mini kit, with 5 papers and 7 elements..:) It was so much fun to took me a good amount of hours, but i enjoyed it a lot!!!

Anyways the winner of this challenge/contest will win a 10 week scholarship to the Digi Design Academy It would be soooo fun to win this!! I can finally learn what i have wanted to learn for a while..and get practice.:)

Any ways, you can look at the kit in detail and dowload it HERE. You can also check out all the other mini kits and dowload them HERE. Password is-sandiego

1 comment:

  1. GReat mini !! Congrats on your designing debut !!